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The Best Brochure Design for Your Roofing Company

Advertising for your company through brochures is not a thing of the past.

In fact, it’s a highly effective way to get through to a client when the business can’t. Brochures are the best bet for leaflet marketing because they have much more room for stellar product photos and descriptive information.

In a digital age of over-saturation of media marketing, brochures can stand out from the crowd. People are even ignoring T.V. commercial breaks and going right for their phone.

What still holds up is printed advertising.

79% of all leaflet recipients either look over the contents, keep the brochure, or pass it along to a friend.

However, these can’t just be any brochures. These brochures need to catch a consumer’s eye and immediately engage them. This is especially important for services that require photographed work for choice selection.

This is especially important for services that require photographed work of the product to help make sales.

Roofing companies use brochures with great photography to lure their clients into making a selection based on what they see immediately.

How to do this? By creating the best brochure design possible.

Here’s the ultimate 3-step guide to the best brochure design for your roofing company:

1. Make It Pop for the Best Brochure Design

There is nothing worse than outdated photos when it comes to advertising. People want to feel like they are getting the most up to date version of the product they are seeking.

Roofing company brochures require fantastic photography of beautiful roofs on great homes to be effective. This starts the daydreaming process for the client. Sometimes a client needs to be shown the possibilities for their dream roof.

Even if it’s a photo of roofs on homes much grander than theirs, it will still make the client feel that the roofing company does great work on big projects.

Special effects can streamline your brochure and make the roofs stand out from the crowd. With effects and colorful layouts, your brochure can tell the story of a great roofing company.

Informing the consumer of exactly who the company is and what they do best will make them confident in using said company for their new roof.

Photoshop scripting and photoshop painting can make for a unique and interesting peruse. This engages the customer and makes them feel they are looking at the company who offers the newest option.

Using modern design and interface will make a roofing company’s brochure the sure pick up at the local markets or brochure.

Using the best brochure design is what will entice a potential client to pick up, or not pick up a brochure. The cover fold over your brochure needs to be sleek, modern, and catch the consumer’s eye.

Using a professional graphic designer will help create the best graphic design brochure for any professional roofing company.

Attractiveness is the very key to getting your company into hands and homes. Having the photos and information of a product into hands will lead to sales.

After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it?

2. Make the Information Count

While there is plenty of room for all of the key information when you use the best brochure design, what you write still needs to inform and entertain.

With trifold design, one page can be dedicated to products, one to service information, and one about pricing and contact. The information can be arranged in a way that ends with a call to action to ignite the reader.

If roofing companies have coupons, special deals or discounts available, brochures are the perfect place to include them. Companies like Virginia Beach Roofing have many affordable options that would be enticing information for their clients.

While the main feature of your brochure will probably be photography, clients will absolutely read the text between photos as long as it engaged them.

Waiting rooms and lobbies are great places to get roofing information into people’s hands as they wait for whatever the day is throwing at them.

3. Make It Cost Effective

When it comes to cost, brochure printing is one of the most cost-effective options in marketing.

Once your brochure is in it’s best brochure design format, you can choose how much the brochure will be to print based on color printing, grayscale printing, photography, etc.

Brochures can cost anywhere from 1$ to 3$ to print. Brochure printing prices can be lowered with discounts available when your print in bulk.

If a roofing company does a lot of builder trade show markets or sends out a lot of advertising through the mail, mass production will be the best option for a lower price.

Considering how effective brochures can be, the bang for your buck will far outweigh what a company might spend on T.V. or radio ads. A business will reap the benefits of brochure advertising and save a few dollars as well.

Through marketing with the best brochure design, businesses will also be able to share a much deeper message with the client.

When people know more about a product, the more likely they are to buy the product. Clients can feel a personal connection to a company if they feel that the company took the time to inform them.

Consider including giveaway packages, t-shirts or bags with your brochures anywhere the brochure is placed. This will attract people to the brochure and the company.

When people examine a brochure, they weigh the pros and cons of your using that product. On a more subconscious level, they do consider and take in the nature and details of the leaflet they are staring at. Layout, design, and photography are all considered.

If the brochure is attractive enough to spark interest, then the potential client’s subconscious data will inform the rest of their decision on the product. Making a brochure pop with effects, including engaging information and making it cost effective will boost business sales and save a roofing company money.

The client can’t use you if they can’t remember you. How to stay memorable: by using the aforementioned steps.

Great brochures garner great reviews for any fantastic roofing company, like these ones.

If you’re ready to up your marketing game with bold, vibrant photos for your marketing brochure, contact us today.