/PSDlearning Update

PSDlearning Update

I thought now would be a good time to give a small update on how PSDlearning is progressing as yesterday I reached one of my targets of getting 15,000 page-views in one day. So if you’re interested in statistics then read on and I’ll give you a couple of graphs as well as some info and what I’ve got planned for the future. I’ll give a preview of the next two tutorials I’m writing.

15,000 Page-views in one day?

That was one of the targets that I set initially when I started PSDlearning, however I never expected to reach it so quickly. I reached it yesterday (August 20th, 2008) with an exact amount of 15,825, not including page-views from me. I know the page-views for one day isn’t a great measure for the success of this site but it was a good goal to try and reach and has given me a lot of confidence in the site. I don’t expect the page-views to stay above 15,000 everyday but at the moment it seems quite consistent and I don’t expect them to drop below 5,000 again and I’m going to make sure of that by churning out more high quality tutorials. In the first month of PSDlearning the traffic depended heavily on tutorial directories and one in particular named good-tutorials. Basically if my tutorials got accepted on this site then I would see a massive burst in traffic which would last about two days then go back down. Now my traffic doesn’t depend on these sites as much as with so many tutorials listed on sites like these, I get a steady amount of traffic everyday even from old tutorials. I also now get a significant number coming from Google which has been growing steadily everyday.


As soon as I started PSDlearning, I got people subscribing for my feed straight away and the number grows everyday and within a month my count had grown to 200 subscribers from which point I got even more people subscribing as I also set up email subscriptions. My aim at the start was to get 500 subscribers within six months, quite a tough target I thought at the time. This has been nearly three months and the number of subscribers is at 424 so I have no doubt that I’ll succeed in reaching that, in fact I could even do it in under three months if I’m lucky ;)

Future developments

I’ve got hundreds of ideas for the future so I’ll just list some of them below and If you have any other ideas or have something to say about the ones I mentioned then leave a comment.

  • Some more developments to the User Images feature I added.
  • I’m considering refining the theme and maybe even building it from scratch but that will require a lot of time.
  • Loads of developments for members for example I’m considering giving each member a portfolio page with a nice gallery and so on or link it to DeviantArt or Flickr.
  • Competitions with some good prizes but I’m a bit hesitant about that until I secure some advertising.
  • Maybe a forum?
  • definately be getting the register and profile pages kitted out as they are kind of wordpressish and the profile page doesn’t do much… at the moment.

Tutorials in the making!

I’ve got some great tutorials coming up and below I’ve shown two (I should really work on one at a time), also if you have any more questions fell free to ask me.