/3 Tips to Capture Vape Clouds in Photos
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3 Tips to Capture Vape Clouds in Photos

Capturing photos of massive vape clouds are all the rage in the vape nation universe. Have you ever wondered how to best capture these beauties?

It comes down to having the right tools. A DSLR and Photoshop will take your vape cloud images to the next level.

We’ve got three top tips for you. Read on to learn more.

Equipment you will need

To capture great photos of any kind, you will need a quality camera. DSLRs are best suited for this kind of project.

DSLR cameras are far more advanced than the camera on the average smartphone. They have large image sensors for those high-quality photos that capture the essence of clouds and smoke.

Their biggest selling point is the ability to capture still images and targets fast pace movement. A dark backdrop will help make your photos pop. It will also help to add depth to your photo. If you can find something with texture, all the better.

Use a tripod to capture a steady image. Smoke clouds can move quickly!

You’ll also need some Halogen floodlights, a large room, an optical flash trigger, and a vapor device. A working knowledge of Adobe’s Photoshop is a plus!

If you are not familiar with Photoshop, Youtube has great tutorials. It’s worth the time to check out a few on how to make images more dramatic.

Room set-up

Now that you have all the equipment you will need to create a great photo, it’s time to set-up for the photo shoot.

Use a room with high ceilings and good ventilation if using CBD vape products.

Decide ahead of time if the subject of your photo will be standing, sitting or lying down. Bring in any props you will be using for effect.

Setting up your lighting is a simple task. Attach your lights to tripods and have them strategically angled away from the flash.  Use 2 – 3 Halogen lights for the best effect.

To capture smoke clouds it is important that the illumination is coming from the side of the smoke.  Avoid standing in front of the cloud.

Getting a big vape cloud

To obtain a seductive swirling cloud of smoke all you really need is an incense stick placed vertically in a holder.

Dramatic vape cloud photos require a different technique and often include models.

Your model should be accustomed to using a vaping device. These come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Choose what best accentuates the photo you’re looking to capture.

Smoke clouds from your vapor device can be achieved using a variety of products such as E-Juice, E-Liquid and CBD Vape.

It is best to allow the model to choose what is best for him or her. If you are looking for massive clouds consider using someone familiar with cloud chasing.

Cloud chasers know how to work vapor devices.  They are also skilled in producing large vape clouds.

Hopefully, this brief tutorial will get you on your way to creating some amazing vape cloud photos.

Now…Ready, Set, Shoot!