/How to Incorporate Graphic Design In Your Tax Software Marketing Campaign Via Social Media
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How to Incorporate Graphic Design In Your Tax Software Marketing Campaign Via Social Media

Today’s average attention span lasts about 8 seconds. That’s not a lot of time for you to make an impression on someone.

That’s why graphic design needs to be a central focus in your social media ideas. What better way to get someone’s attention than with a great graphic that keeps them wanting more?

If you’re new to graphic design or are not well-versed in Photoshop, it can be difficult to know the right way to create an eye-catching image.

Continue reading to learn how.

4 Graphic Design Tips for Social Media Ideas

1. Clear Branding

It’s a common mistake to choose not to include your business’s brand on an image. Many people fear that it’s too “sales-y.”

That, however, is not the right idea. The best way to get your brand and your name out there is to include it on all of the things you post — especially graphics.

If a viewer really likes your image, chances are that they’ll share it on their own social media page. This means that all of their followers will see your graphics.

The more people who come into contact with your brand, the more people will seek out your company. Of course, this leads to even more people buying and using your software.

2. Bold and Legible Message

Don’t clutter up your graphic with too much text.

You want the statement you make to be the main star of the graphic. Pick out a few things you want the graphic to say. Then, make that message shine.

Also, be on the look out for the text that gets hidden behind similar colors. You don’t want to lose your message because of color choices. Make sure your text can be read easily and clearly!

3. Colors That Pop

A great way to make a graphic really catch a person’s attention is to use colors that are vibrant and contrasting.

A great example can be found on Ultimate Tax. Their colors really pop out and grab hold of you.

Yours should do the same. Don’t let your graphic get too muddled behind unexciting colors. Experiment until you find the best combination!

4. Correct Dimensions

Even the best social media ideas won’t work if you don’t use the right sizes for your graphics.

If you end up posting a graphic in a different sizing, chances are that it will appear stretched or blurred. Then, all of your hard work was for nothing — and you’ll look unprofessional.

Each social network has its own set of optimal graphic dimensions. Make sure to research every social media platform you plan to use before creating your graphics.

Graphic Design Made Easier

It’s no longer enough to just create a really cool business card.

These days, businesses need to dive into all of the newest social media ideas and get their name out there. They need to create eye-catching graphics that draw in new customers every day.

By using these tips, you’ll have a much easier time doing it.

If you need more help in coming up with ideas or brushing up your skills, keep reading our blog.