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Telecom Services and 5 Graphic Design Trends that Rule

The world of graphic design changes fast. New trends leave their mark on every sector, including telecom services.

The way your brand presents itself can inform decisions and opinions consumers may not even notice they have. That’s why it’s essential to stay current with what’s happening in the world of graphic design.

Keep reading for the top 5 graphic design trends shaking up the telecom services world.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends in Telecom Services

1. When It Comes to Color, Go Big

Minimalism is still king. If you haven’t already, cut out the clutter in your designs and pare everything down to the bare essentials.

That said, there are plenty of fun, eye-catching graphic design trends that pair well with minimalism, like big, bold colors. Well-placed vivid colors can keep your designs from looking too stark, flat, or boring.

Take risks when you choose your colors. Pick rich hues for your main elements and contrasting pigments for your secondary graphics. If you were ever considering adding more colors into your brand palette, now is the time.

Don’t be afraid to throw some color transitions in there, too.

2. Incorporate Art into Your Work

The world of illustration is enjoying a much-needed boom these days. Where before, an illustrator may have only found work drawing for posh magazines, now there’s room for intricate art everywhere.

Breathe new life into web graphics, infographics, printed materials, and other brand assets with beautiful, hand-drawn works of art.

3. Get Moving

With so much competing for our attention these days, it can be hard to get users to focus on your design. That’s where movement comes in.

Moving pictures have captivated our attention since 1895 when the Lumiere brothers screened the first commercial film in a cafe in Paris.

You can tap into the human tendency to focus on mobile objects by adding some movement to an otherwise static design.

Try adding some GIFs or an animated interface to your work. One newcomer to the trend—the cinemagraph—creates an otherworldly effect by freezing part of a static picture and adding movement in strategic places.

4. Everything Must Be User-Friendly

All good design considers the end user. A complicated website or tech interface may look interesting, but if a customer can’t navigate it, it’s worthless.

That’s why the best telecoms products feature a sleek, simplistic design with easy-to-use features. You can see this trend in the user-friendly interface of Polycom Wireless Phones, and it’s showing up elsewhere, too.

5. Everything Must Be Mobile, Too

Everybody really is on their phones these days. Your website needs to be, too.

Make sure your services can reach your customers across any platform. Your website should be mobile-responsive across a variety of different devices.

That means that your images should scale and your text should automatically resize. There are a myriad of different tech devices on the market these days, and your design needs to look great on all of them.

If it makes sense for your telecoms offerings, consider developing an app, too.

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