/Show and Tell: The Importance of an Illustrated Instruction Manual for Penis Pumps
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Show and Tell: The Importance of an Illustrated Instruction Manual for Penis Pumps

Do you find textual instructions difficult to follow? You are not alone. Most people find it easier to learn and comprehend when visual explanations are used.

This explains why more companies send along illustrated directions to go with their products. Many different types of products now come with great guides to help people use items safely. One example is a penis pump.

While many people use penis pumps, it is important to make use of a illustrated instruction manual. Read below to find out why.

Increased Safety by Using an Instruction Manual

Illustrated directions are great for using a penis pump because they increase safety. Instructions will follow a step by step procedure that is easy for anyone to follow. In showing consumers how to use your product, you keep their safety as a top priority.

Illustrated instructions also is a great way to cut down on costs. You will not need to worry about needing different languages. This will allow you to focus on having great pictures.

Not confident about your ability to create picture instructions? There are many ways to practice your creativity.

Ease of Use

People prefer picture based instructions over text only. This is why illustrated instruction manuals are a great option to use. This is because they are usually easier to understand and remember.

Well designed illustrated instructions can effectively communicate any product direction. This type of guide is useful when people have different reading abilities.

It makes the product accessible to everyone.

For example, Bathmate Direct provides penis pumps that are safe for a bath or shower. With an illustrated instruction manual, there will be no questions on how to use it while enjoying a bath or shower.

One thing these instructions show is to always have water in the cylinder before using.

Keeping Product Intact

When illustrated guides are used for penis pumps, consumers will better understand the care required for the product. For example, if using a lubricant, be sure it is water based. Oil based products can sometimes damage the pump.

Be sure to provide the necessary steps for cleaning and storing the pump. Taking care of the pump will increase the lifespan of the product. Be sure to clean after every use.

Often you will only need water and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your pump.

Helpful Hints for Good Illustrated Instructions

It is possible to create illustrated instructions that are not helpful. To avoid this ensure to use realistic colors if using color and to keep images to scale where possible.

Maintain a consistent angle throughout the instructions to limit confusion. Show the entire product for each step and highlight where the action is to occur. Include as many details as possible and use arrows to depict all actions.

Be sure to keep the frames consistent in size and depict any depth differences.

Now you understand why using illustrated instructions for penis pumps is the smart choice. Still unsure where to start?

Check out how to get started creating helpful illustrations!