/Creative Design Tips for a Tobacco Company
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Creative Design Tips for a Tobacco Company

How does someone make their creative design stand out above the rest?

Establishing brand identity through an image is the pinnacle of a company’s design. Being hired on to create designs requires making something that has an impact on customers and keeps them coming back.

It also depends on what the design is for. A logo? A website? Ads? The same basic rules apply for a tobacco company.

Designing a logo seems like an easy task, but can be tough for a specific company. Here are some great designs tips to help a person’s tobacco design stick out.

Know Your Audience

Starting a job designing for a tobacco company is different than any other company. Who is the target audience for the design?

Obviously, for tobacco ads, the demographic is for adults above the age of 18. Tobacco products are going to need different designs than a garage door repair website.

People are very different and what might work for one demographic will not work for another.

Designs should be catered to specific people. One who is concerned with tobacconist accessories will not be the same design you want to use for a moving company.

Color Palette

Choice of color has a massive impact on the way designs are perceived. People make up their mind about something within 90 seconds of interactions with products. In that timeframe, 62-90% of that assessment is based on color alone.

So, people choose products based on color most of the time. Creative design has a lot to do with color in order for customers to be interested in the product and even the brand. Choose a color scheme that is appealing and welcoming.

Less Typing, More Designing

Creative design should not entail too much typing in it that it distracts. The text does not have to cover the entire piece of work. Instead, opt for a cleaner design.

Choices of fonts also can detract from the art of a design. When creating for a tobacco company, seek out modern designs. Typically, the fonts are clear and crisp.

Avoid creating confusion with outrageous letter fonts and large walls of text. Instead, choose to use eye-catching images. Every project will be different in the end, and some will require more text than others, yet do not overdo it!

No Formulaic Creative Design

It is easy to cut and paste a design that is available with a quick website search. Tobacco companies want you to deliver in ways that will hold people’s attention and get their brand name out there.

Designs should be unique and engaging without appearing gaudy and overbearing. Remember, tobacco designs are geared for adults, not children.

If you are interested in learning more about creative design tips, we’ve got you covered.