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5 Design Ideas for a Vacation Rental Company Website

Different industries have different requirements when it comes to their websites. The luxury home rental sector is no different.

Are you feeling at a loss to come up with creative design ideas for your vacation rental company website?

Find out how to not only drive traffic to your site – but to keep it there.

Content and Design Ideas Vital to Your Vacation Rental Website

It’s always helpful when designers have copywriting skills because the combination of content and design delivers the full package.

The following five content and design ideas for your website will help you get noticed and start filling those vacancies fast.

1. Use High-Quality Photos

When you’re trying to attract customers to your rentals, images are the single most important element. You want your luxury houses for rent to look as appealing as possible in the confines of your website.

Yet there are still many rental websites using small, low-quality photos and thinking that those will do the job. They won’t.

Just be careful not to take this to the other extreme. Using very high-quality photos without any sort of optimization is going to make your pages load slowly. So find that happy medium.

2. The “About Us” Page Is Crucial

Even if you have the most beautiful optimized photos possible, potential visitors will breeze right past them if they have no sense of who you are. That’s why you need an “About Us” page.

Just give them some insight about you and how you’ll take care of them. You only need a description of what brought you to this business, why you love it and what makes you special as a host.

Include a photo, if you feel so inclined. It adds even more of a personal touch.

3. Show Your Local Expertise

Think about what makes someone choose a vacation rental as opposed to a hotel. In many cases, they want to have the “local experience.”

Falling in line with offering information about yourself, take it another step and share some valuable advice about the local scene. You could mention great places to eat, which tourist traps to avoid, the coolest golf courses, etc.

This can be done with blog posts, a free ebook, or even just a simple PDF checklist. Potential visitors will already feel welcomed by your willingness to help them.

4. Proper Use of Color and Contrast

When your website’s focus is renting out vacation villas and luxury homes, you need to stick with classic and core design principles.

It can be tempting to want to follow all of the latest trends to make your site stand out. But this can sometimes result in poor use of color and contrast.

If you’re not entirely sure, there are plenty of online tools and tutorials that can help you to pick that ideal match.

5. Focus on the Experience

While you’re putting together your design components and photos, remember that you’re not just focusing on your property. You’re selling the full experience.

So be sure to include photos that include not just the property, but visitors enjoying food and drink, culture and other activities.

You want to capture your potential visitors while they’re still in the dreaming stage. After all, the next step is the booking stage.

Ready to Fill Those Vacation Rental Vacancies?

Just incorporate the above content and design ideas to get a website that takes it to the next level. And feel free to let us know if you have additional tips!