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4 Dental Logo Designs All Dentist Offices Should See

Have you noticed that your dental practice has been a little too quiet lately? Are you struggling to get hits to your website and followers on your social media accounts?

Do you just feel like people see your practice as outdated?

If so, it’s time for a re-branding — fast.

One of the best ways to let both current and potential patients know you’re making a change for the better?

By upgrading your logo design.

If you’re not the most creative type, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of four dental logo designs that provide serious inspiration.

1. Crest’s Famous “C”

While those in the fashion world may associate the letter “C” with Chanel, if you’re in the dental industry, you associate the letter with another brand — Crest.

We love Crest’s logo for its simplicity. The deep red “C” gets consumers’ attention, while the blue lettering helps to calm customers and implies that the brand has the solution so many need.

This claim of dental hygiene excellence is only further backed by the burst of “sparkle” in the logo’s background, which ensures shoppers they’re teeth will be just as shiny after brushing with Crest.

Now, the logo is clearly stamped on countless Crest products, from toothpaste to Crest White Strips.

2. The Vibrations of Sonicare

Philips Sonicare revolutionized the toothbrush industry with its famous electric toothbrush.

What really sets it apart from the competition?

The multi-speed vibrating cleaning options, alongside the sensors and time guides to help people brush the right way.

Sonicare’s logo perfectly — yet subtly — emphasizes the vibrations that made it so famous.

The “i” in Sonicare has several rows of tiny dots following it. The “i” is meant to symbolize the head of the toothbrush, with the dots calling to mind the vibrations that made the brand so iconic.

3. Vibrant Square Dental

Of course, when it comes to dental logo designs, one of the most overused elements is the tooth itself.

However, it’s also undeniably popular because of its instant association with dental services. Including images that firmly place you within a specific industry in your logo design is important.

So, what should you do?

The trick is to put your own spin on this classic, like the folks at Vibrant Square Dental have. They have a man, woman, and child standing to form the shape of a tooth.

Not only does this help to build brand recognition, it also makes it clear that the practice helps patients of all ages. That’s how you make a logo that communicates a lot in a tiny amount of space.

4. Garden City Dental

Is your dental practice taking a more holistic approach? Do you use natural products and serve more of a niche market than other dentists?

If so, then you can learn a lot from Garden City Dental’s logo design.

The central image is a row of colorful toothbrushes, designed to look like flowers popping up from the ground (they even have leaves/thorns!)

Not only does this clearly let potential patients know that they take a more holistic approach, it’s also a subtle nod to the name of the town where the practice is based.

Ready To Create Your Own Dental Logo Designs?

Thanks to this post, you know the most crucial elements you need to include in successful dental logo designs.

Ready to get started on your own?

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