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How to Create a Promotional Design for a Record Keeping Company

One doesn’t associate excitement to a record-keeping company.

These are relatively conservative businesses. You’ll see some resistance when pitching promotional design. Yet, companies open to this idea gives you a unique opportunity to deliver them an astounding return on investment.

You could find yourself targeting these companies as a larger strategy. One to help grow your freelance design business.

Though first, you have to deliver an exceptional design…

Picking the Promotional Design Platform

Different designs do better on different platforms.

A promo design for a company doing warehouse services probably wouldn’t fly on platforms like Ask.FM. The same for a record-keeping business.

It’s best to stick to the popular ones due to reach and established best practices.

Ones to consider are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Twitter

These are platforms providing the best B2C/B2B opportunities. LinkedIn would be the prime choice due to its professional community.

The design dimensions, restrictions, and expectations are now known so understanding these elements gives you a solid starting point.

A Strategy for Creating the Promo Design

You’ve got their interest in doing some promotional design — great!

First, start with the best practices:

  1. Consistency
  2. Industry-appropriateness
  3. Direct

These three items should give you a strong baseline with approaching the project. You will form common themes by analyzing competitors. The data will give you insight on how to shake things up.

Getting Them On-Board

A fresh logo design is a good starting point which creates a new set of guidelines for consistency across the promotional materials. The new logo sets the tone allowing the company to transform into one that’s exciting.

The change also shifts the client’s mindset — giving you greater creative control.

A new business card and brochure would go great with this new design. These promotional items are their bread and butter since the industry mostly relies on referrals and networking.

Great, you’re expanding their acceptance of something new.

Creating the Promo

You’ve convinced them to try something new and to trust in your expertise.

Your next tasks will be:

  • Gather design ideas from influencers and portfolios
  • Start minimal to ensure the KPIs are satisfied

Open Photoshop and begin playing off existing promotional designs. Tweak the formatting, color palette, fonts, and perspective.

Experiment with classic and popular designs — making them your own — until you’re struck with creative inspiration. Sketch the mock and gather feedback from the client so you’re both aligned with its direction.

Use sharp photos and graphics to create an eye-catching design. Ruthlessly edit copy to convey value. Then, test this design on a small group while recording feedback to make necessary changes.

Push the design across the social media channels and in print.

Record the engagement and lead generation. Measuring ROI allows both parties to develop new campaigns built upon the success of those completed.

Bolstering the Portfolio

Creating promotional materials for a record-keeping company should excite you as a designer. These projects don’t happen often because the companies are seen as “boring”.

Boring, out-of-touch companies often get a facepalm from the community.

This is your time to shine.

These companies are starting at ground-level with their promotional materials.

Meaning they’re willing to try something fresh & unique if they’re open-minded.

It lets you explore your creativity in ways you couldn’t through other industries. Ones having “set” ideas of “fun design”.

In all, it lets you bolster your portfolio by trying something new.

Start Creating

Follow a scenario where you’re hired by one of these “boring” record-keeping companies. Put your design skills to the test when making promotions.

You’d be surprised how challenging and exciting it can be!