/3 Tips To Design Your Merchandise Website
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3 Tips To Design Your Merchandise Website

Do you have a merchandise website you’re struggling to move product on?

Are you looking to make changes in the way you represent yourself, online, but you’re not sure where to start?

For many business owners, online business can be a difficult process. The best business website designs know what they want to accomplish, how to speak to their users, and what looks good “on the page”.

Today, we’ll be showing you how to get more out of your merchandise website with target design and content insights.

Always Opt For Mobile

Where mobile development used to be an afterthought, there are actually more mobile internet users, now, than desktop.

The best business website designs include versions of the site specifically designed to be viewed on mobile devices. This is especially true in the case of online shopping.

The more steps there are between your client and their purchase, the more opportunity they have to change their minds. You don’t want users to have to find a workstation, sit down, and commit to a shopping experience in order to buy your merchandise.

Create a streamlined version of your site for mobile users. Incorporate all the functionality of the desktop site, in a quick, easy-to-read package.

Better Content Is Better. Period

One of the biggest mistakes many websites make is to not put enough stock in their site copy.

The average user pays a lot more attention than you might think. You need to speak to them, and you need to make sure you have something to say.

Identify and market to a specific target audience. What is their age, their cultural background, their reason for visiting? If you know the person who’ll be visiting your site, you’ll know how to talk to them.

Research keywords you think will lead search engines to your site and use them organically in your copy. Write on specific topics, and try not to get sidelined. Remember, the more use your content is to clients, the more they’ll want to use it.

Include a call to action. Remind the reader that your merchandise exists, and then point them at it. Check out the Master Cast product website for a great example of calls to actions at work.

Look Your Best, With Better Graphic Design

It’s a tale as old as time: the customer eats with their eye, first.

A website that looks bad but features comprehensive services and insightful user data is still a website that looks bad, first. When your site is well designed, people respond better to it. Use unique, non-generic graphics and a color scheme that’s been researched and thought out. If it looks cheaply made to you, it’s going to look worse to your clients.

Choose a font choice that’s easier to read than the standards presented in your web design platform. Find a color matching app, online, and choose complementary colors for your design elements. Invest in a good looking logo.

High-quality photography might be more expensive, but it looks professional. The same goes for well-animated banners. Even if your ad utilizes “just text and color”, make sure it looks appealing.

Sell More Merchandise, With The Best Business Website Designs

Ultimately, a better website means a better first impression, and better odds of making a sale, no matter the industry you’re in.

Interested in learning more about better web design? Check out some of our fantastic blog pieces on the topic, and start bringing out the best in your site, today.