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7 Tricks for Creating the Best Law Firm Websites

Did you know that 70 percent of law firms say they’ve drawn in new clients solely through their website?

In the digital age of today, the size of your client base depends directly on the strength, clarity, and functionality of your website’s design.

But what if you’re not web savvy or have no design background? How can you take advantage of the booming online marketplace?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’re going to show you 7 tips for creating the best law firm websites.

7 Ways to Design the Best Law Firm Websites

1. Create Something Professional

Readers looking to hire a lawyer need to see visual clues that their potential firm is responsible, competent, and worth the money. That means you need to create something that oozes professionalism.

To create a professional, trustworthy image for your website, keep visuals clean and minimalistic and pick more stately fonts–including serif font families. If you’re unsure about the color palette, dark blue is a great color for a law firm.

Just be sure everything matches your logo.

2. Consider Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Potential customers go through several stages before they’re ready to hire a lawyer.

They may be curious about local laws, they could be wondering if their accident warrants a case, or they could be ready to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit. You need to design a website that can help, no matter where they are on their buying journey.

Include content that answers legal questions as well as promotional posts encouraging them to contact you. With any luck, even those casual researchers will decide it’s time to give your firm a call.

3. Let Readers to Contact You in Multiple Ways

Depending on their situation, not all potential clients will feel comfortable picking up the phone to call your firm. That’s why it’s best to give them multiple ways of contacting you.

Post your phone number on each page, but also include an online contact form and email address.

4. Localize Your Content

Law is a highly localized field. After all, statutes change when you travel from state to state. The best law firm websites feature localized content, too.

That means building out different pages on the same topic, with the content slightly changed to match a specific metro area. If your law firm practices in Los Angeles, for example, you need pages devoted to injury attorneys in Los Angeles, Inglewood, Santa Monica, and so on.

You need an easy-to-navigate dynamic menu system that will let readers choose their own metro area. As you’re developing content, you need to keep an eye on SEO and choose geographic keywords.

5. Include Quality Photos of Your Staff

A personal touch can do a lot to convince someone to reach out to a lawyer. Because it’s such a big purchasing decision–and because your potential clients are injured and feeling vulnerable–giving them a face to attach to a name can make them feel more at home before they decide to contact you.

Take the plunge and book a professional photo shoot for your staff. Keep things clean and minimal, and remember to smile.

6. Make Sure It Works on Mobile

Mobile responsiveness is an absolute must for any website, but especially for a law firm.

Imagine your ideal customer is shaking off the shock of a car accident and wants to find out if they can sue the other driver as they wait for police to arrive on the scene. If they access your site on their smartphone, it needs to work.

7. Integrate Customer Service

Live customer service chat is the newest trend in law firm sites, and for good reason. 92% of consumers say they feel satisfied after seeking help through a live customer service chat.

Consider adding live customer service chat functionality to your website.

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