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How to Make a Thank You Card: A Step by Step Guide

Sending thank you cards is a great way to show appreciation for something you’ve received. But many of us put off sending these cards because we don’t know how to write them.

It’s not as hard as you think.

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn how to make a thank you card that the recipient will love.

The Card Itself

Start by choosing a thank you card design you like.

You can swing by a local store and buy a thank you card for a few bucks, or you can get creative and make one yourself (here are a few ideas to get your inspiration flowing).

If you don’t have time to hit the store or make your own card, you can also find templates online. These will help you make pump quality thank you cards in a short amount of time.

What to Write Inside Your Thank You Card

Once you have your cards picked out, it’s time to start writing. And don’t worry if you aren’t one for words.

Here’s a quick outline of what your thank you card should look like on the inside.


Begin your card with a simple greeting.

If you have a close, personal relationship with the card recipient, write “Dear [name].” If you don’t know the recipient on a personal level, simply write the name.

Make sure you used the correct spelling and appropriate honorifics, such as Mr. or Mrs. If you’re writing one thank you card to multiple people, such as a married couple, include both their names in the greeting.

Show Your Thanks

You should show your appreciation right away. In fact, it’s a good idea to have the words “thank you” be the first two words in your note.

This lets the recipient know the purpose of your card right away.

Get Specific

After you say thank you, let the recipient know what you plan to do with the gift they gave you. If they gave you money or cash, tell them what you plan to spend it on.

Doing this shows the recipient how much you appreciate them thinking of you.

Look Ahead

Now it’s time to let the recipient know you are thinking of them, too. Tell them how excited you are to see them next or that they are always in your thoughts.

Say Thanks Again

At the end of the card, state your thanks one more time. Since this is the message of your thank you card, you want the recipient to take it with them when they’re done reading.

Sign Off

Sign your name at the bottom of the card so the recipient knows who it’s from. You can write “with love” if you know the person well, but if you don’t, “sincerely” is always a polite option.

How to Make a Thank You Card: The Best Time to Send It

Once you learn how to make a thank you card, you should send it as soon as possible after you receive the gift. Don’t wait longer than a month. Otherwise, you should start the thank you card off with a brief apology.

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