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How to Design Lapel Pins That Everyone Will Love

When you are looking to get the word out about an event or function, nothing is better than creating something people can wear.

Opting to design lapel pins gives you the chance to create a first impression that is marvelous and eye-catching.

If you’re looking to learn the most about designing one of these lapel pins, there are four great tips that you can follow. Take a look at these points so that you’re able to create a pin that is suitable.

4 Tips For Getting Great Design Lapel Pins

Think About The Purpose

If you’re interested in hiring a shop that can design lapel pins for you, your first consideration is to establish the purpose you’re trying to accomplish.

For instance, creating a lapel for autism awareness might involve the use of colorful puzzle pieces, so people know the symbol and spread the word. If you’re planning a fancy fundraising banquet or gala, it might make sense to create a clean, classy lapel pin with more subtlety.

You’ll need to use some reverse engineering to figure out what message you’d most like to get across with the pin. From here, you can work backward to design it to suit your goals.

Understanding these design principles involves a bit of diligence, and is well worth the extra effort.

Determine The Size And Specifications

When you’re looking to design a lapel pin, make sure that it’s crafted in a size that best suits your needs.

Think about the outfits people will fix the pin to. From here, you’ll come up with a size and shape that is effective, rather than cumbersome.

It needs to prominently display the logo or artwork, without being gaudy and offputting. This is a tricky balance to strike, which is why it pays to work with a company like Woven Label HK that can assist you with the design.

Be sure to choose your symbols wisely when designing the logo, since you’ll need to draw people in using a very small piece of space and material.

Figure Out The Material You Want To Make It With

It’s crucial that you also put some thought into the materials that you’re making the lapel pin with.

Some examples of materials that people use when making a pin include nickel, gold plating, hard plastic, and enamel.

The material that you use will dictate the way that the color takes to it, how it will feel to wear and how durable the pin will be. You’ll also need to take cost into consideration when getting price estimates on reproducing these pins.

Reach Out To A Shop That Can Handle The Design

When you’re interested in making the most out of your lapel pin design, you’ll need to work with a company that is great at what they do.

Carve out time well before your event to brainstorm with a few quality shops. They’ll lay out your options and help you to come up with artwork that is suitable for the pin.

Further, speak to at least two or three competitors to get price estimates on a batch of custom designed lapel pins.

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