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How to Make a Promotional Design for a Growth Coaching Business

Marketing professionals have used promotional products to stoke brand recognition for decades.

Those pens, buttons, and coffee cups seem to pay off. Almost 90 percent of consumers received a promotional product in the past six months. Nine in 10 could remember the branding.

Ready to harness the power of promotion to help your business?

Here’s how creative promotional design strategies can help your growth coaching business thrive.

How to Grow Your Business Using Promotional Design

It’s not enough to slap your name on a stress ball and call it a day. To resonate with your potential clients, you need to make something impactful, fun, and useful.

Here are a few tips for creating something your customers won’t want to throw away.

Keep It Simple and Direct

When you’re competing for attention in an oversaturated market, you don’t have much time to make a point. It helps to keep your promotional items simple and easy to understand.

That’s why it’s best to stick to the basics. Close to three-quarters of businesses include their company name and logo on their promotional products.

The third-most popular information was the company website. Only 46 percent of businesses included on their items.

If you do offer more information on your promotional items, be sure to present it in a clear, simplistic way. Always remember to give your potential clients some way to reach you, too.

Think About the Medium You’re Using

Not all promotional design needs to be a physical object. Digital designs can create impact, too.

Mobile games, promotional apps, and online quizzes can grab attention while getting your business name out there.

One growth coaching business, Small Business Growth Partners, created an online assessment for potential clients to complete. While customers complete the quiz-style questionnaire, they share valuable information about their industry, pain points, and short-term goals.

A digital promotion can give your customers a fun, slick way to interact with your brand.

Stay Relevant to Your Clients

Your growth coaching clients have specific needs only you can meet. It’s important to come up with a promotional item that speaks directly to their experiences.

Your best bet is to provide them with something that can help them grow. That could include print items with an inspirational message or even a self-help guide to get them started on the road to growth.

A goal-oriented calendar or day planner could also be a good vessel to carry your business message to consumers.

If you plan on giving out items at a specific event, choose an item and a design that will help them immediately. Notebooks, device chargers, and bags are all useful to have around during a tradeshow or networking conference.

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