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Logo Design Tips to Get Attention for Your New Business

Approximately half a million new small businesses are born each year in the U.S.

Yet, about one-third of these firms won’t last more than two years.

A big key to starting your business off on the right foot is designing a unique and unforgettable logo. In fact, a memorable logo increases your odds of snagging a consumer’s attention by over 10%.

Let’s take a look at a few logo design samples and tips to help you choose a memorable symbol for your new brand!

Set the Tone for Your Brand With Color

The colors you select for your logo will impact how consumers view your brand as a whole.

Orange, for example, is widely considered the second most attention-grabbing color, behind red. It signals excitement and energy. For example, the company rev-ignition uses two striking shades of orange to create a bold and enthusiastic symbol that matches its name.

On the other hand, many people associate green with nature and freshness. This makes an excellent choice for businesses in the food and supplement industries.

Avoid incorporating more than two or three colors in your logo design. Using too many colors can dilute your message and confuse potential customers.

Focus on Simplicity

It’s no secret that many of the most recognizable brands in the world, including Nike and Apple, have very simple logos. There are exceptions, of course, a simple yet unique design is much easier to remember than a complex one.

Another benefit to using a simple design for your logo is that your message is clear and concise. This allows your brand to make an immediate emotional impact on consumers.

Try using negative space to add a unique flavor to an otherwise simple logo. If you’re looking for logo design samples that use negative space effectively, look no further than the logos for USA Network or FedEx.

Select a Font That Fits

Nobody can deny the importance of symbols in logo design. But the font you pick is also critical.

You need to start by making sure your logo’s font matches your brand personality. For example, if your business sells antique items, avoid using a futuristic font in your logo. Otherwise, you create confusion and disrupt harmony.

While you want your font to be unique, pay close attention to legibility. A logo that’s hard to read is rarely memorable.

Finally, don’t go overboard with the number of fonts you use in your logo. In most cases, it’s a bad idea to include more than two.

Make Your Logo Versatile

In order for your logo to be memorable, it needs to look good whether it’s on a small business card or a billboard.

This is why you should always avoid adding too many details to your logos. When you shrink your logo to fit your mobile site, a small detail can look like a smudge on the smartphone screen.

Final Thoughts on Logo Design Samples and Tips

Following the tips outlined above will help you build a logo that stands out.

Remember to choose the colors in your logo wisely. Changing just one color can completely shift the direction of your brand, as each color evokes a different emotion.

Also, feel free to experiment with negative space. Start by putting your symbol over a blank background. Look for ways you can cut out portions of the symbol to reveal new shapes.

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