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How To Design A CBD Logo To Build Your Brand

How’s your logo? Does it capture people’s attention? Does it symbolize everything you want it to or do people often mistake it for something else?

Your CBD logo design can build or destroy your brand. Logos hold a massive amount of power.

Years ago, the clothing retailer Gap attempted to rebrand their logo. This ended in utter failure.

Discover the top principles in logo design. With these, your CBD logo will bring you long-lasting business success.

Simplicity is Beauty

Simplicity is not only a thing of beauty, it’s effective in logo design.

The best logos are simple. Think of the most famous logos in the world: Nike, Apple, Adidas and McDonald’s. Every single of these recognizable designs is simple.

For CBD products, chances are you want clients to think of healing, health, and calmness. A successful logo should deliver the emotions and message you want people to feel.

No less and–more important–no more.

Consider logo design as an exercise in restraint. This isn’t the time to boast of Photoshop skills. Avoid excessive colors, layered images, and multiple fonts.

Does your current logo contain plenty of visual images? A complicated design makes it difficult for people to process the image. It creates confusion for the brain.

Remember, your logo design should last a decade. A simple design will adapt to different usage better than a complicated one. You’ll be using your CBD logo on a website, physical products, social media channels, and print.

A simple logo is also less costly to reproduce. More colors mean more expenses when you work with printers.

Begin in Monochrome

In the next section, we’ll highlight the massive importance of colors on the human psyche. Before the artist in you gets excited, though, begin designing in monochrome.

The reason? You want your CBD logo to be recognizable even when it’s printed in black and white.

The litmus test of a great logo is the power it holds, no matter its size or hue. Take the Nike swoosh, for instance. Print it on a large billboard in bright red, or place it on a tiny corner of an image. No matter the color or size, customers will recognize it.

Aim for the same impact for your own logo.

To do so, begin by creating a rough sketch. Use nothing but pencil and paper during the initial design stages.

Don’t erase anything. This includes designs you don’t like right away. These may later on spark inspiration.

The idea is to have plenty of drafts in the beginning. Only afterward will you narrow the choices down.

Once you have limited the CBD logo choices in black and white, it’s time to play with colors.

Philosophy of Colors

Colors have a larger impact on branding than most people realize.

Your CBD logo will impact how customers perceive the brand. Yes, plenty of factors will affect how people see your company. In most cases, however, the logo will be the first thing delivering the message.

Bevil Conway is a neuroscientist. He has plenty of experience in the field of color and its effects on the brain. He believes people naturally like or hate specific shades, like it’s a habit hardwired into the system.

Once we realize this, we understand the power color has on triggering emotions.

It takes customers less than a minute and a half to make a subconscious judgment about a company. 85% of clients admit color is the main reason they purchased a specific product.

Blue depicts calmness. Think of the sky and the ocean. If you want your customers to feel secure and serene as they gaze at your CBD logo, blue is the ideal choice. It also stands for cleanliness and trust.

Red signifies fire and the sun. It compels people to take risks while invoking arousal. This hue has the power to stimulate our senses and raise blood pressure.

Do you want customers to feel love, danger, energy, and aggression? If yes, red will do the job.

Yellow makes people think of fire and the sun. People feel optimistic and hopeful when seeing yellow. But it can also trigger emotions associated with betrayal and lack of courage.

Study Your Competition

What are your competitors up to? Visit their websites and social media accounts. Study their product labels.

By studying the logos of competitors, you accomplish two things.

First, you avoid creating a similar logo. The last thing you want is for customers to confuse your brand with that of someone else.

Second, researching your competitor’s logo strategy will provide ideas. We recommend studying logos of successful competitors.

Successful businesses realize the importance of logos. Your top competitors would have put in serious work in designing their own logo.

A logo tells a message. Your direct competitors are trying to deliver messages similar to your own. You’re all trying to reach a specific and similar demographic, after all.

What colors are they using? What objects or shapes deliver their message? What do you feel when you gaze at their logos?

Strike a balance. Avoid creating a similar CBD logo while learning what’s working for your competitors.

Test the Market

What looks good to you and your family won’t guarantee market success.

Your family and friends aren’t your customers. Ask your actual target market. Thanks to social media, you can create polls to see what your current clients think of your CBD logo ideas.

Split testing is an effective marketing strategy. Take your top two or more logo designs and ask the market to decide.

Instagram Stories, for example, has a poll feature. Facebook Pages tool does, too.

This doesn’t mean your own circle can’t help you decide. But don’t ask your relatives or best friends to tell you which logos they prefer. Instead, test their memory recall.

Show them your final logo selection for a minute. Immediately afterward, ask them to recall the logo.

An effective logo imprints itself on the mind. This product is the perfect example of an effective logo design.

Studying the mistakes your competitors make in design will also help. Read our blog post on the top graphic design mistakes.

CBD Logo Success

Stand out in a noisy digital world. Our site contains graphic design information to help your brand attract clients.

The effort you place in creating your logo will pay dividends for years to come. Entice customers. Mark your spot in the medical cannabis community with a fantastic logo.

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