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Top Tips for Successful Wedding Marketing

If you’re a professional working in the wedding industry, you’re probably on the hunt for new wedding marketing ideas.

Approximately, the nation spends $140 billion each year on getting hitched. That’s an insane amount of money!

In light of this statistic, there’s never been a better time to cash in on this niche.

Luckily for you, we’re here to steer you in the right direction.

The better your marketing strategy, the more customers you’ll get, and the more profit you’ll generate. So, listen up because it’ll certainly be worth your while.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our top tips on successful wedding marketing.


Now by blogging, we don’t mean posting a random blog post now and then. Instead, we’re referring to a serious content marketing strategy.

Your plan should include the following:

Getting a wedding you worked on featured on a wedding blog (this is particularly effective for wedding photographers, stylists, planners, venues, etc.).

Or if you’re a professional that wouldn’t be able to send in enough photos to warrant a submission (for example, a baker, or a caterer, etc.) then collaborate with other wedding industry professionals.

This is called a styled shoot. Once you’ve done this, submit your work to blogs and magazines and reap the rewards! In addition to this, try writing a guest post for a blog or magazine (make sure you’re allowed to include your business name and a link to your website)

Consider writing a blog series. This will make you look like an authority on the topic. When doing this, always release your posts on the same day and time each week to create some suspense.

Finally, we recommend that you write a wedding checklist aimed at either brides or grooms and publish it on your blog. Be sure to include a timeline of when they need to book/purchase your products or services.

If you want to see an example of a fabulous blog, you can read more here.

Offer Value to Your Following

People love a freebie, and there are plenty of cool ways to deliver this.

For example, you should run a competition and give away a sample of your products or services as the prize. Be sure to announce this competition on social media and get the contestants to enter either by using a hashtag, or tagging themselves, etc.

(It doesn’t matter how they get involved, as long as it’s via social media.) This is because the broader aim of your competition is to promote your online brand awareness.

Or, you could offer loyalty benefits to your customers. For example, give them a discount (or a freebie) if they book with you/purchase your products within a specific time frame or if they buy in bulk.

You could also set up a referral system where you give your previous clients something for free when they pass the business your way.

Utilize Social media

Utilizing your social media profiles is one the easiest and cheapest ways to hit the ground running with your wedding marketing. We recommend always posting your best work on Instagram. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of what you do!

You could also ask some of your previous clients to share pictures of your work and a testimonial. This is an excellent way of spreading the word about your services!

When you showcase your business on your Facebook page, always ask if you can tag your clients in the photos. This is another free yet easy way of promoting your business.

Tweak Your Website

On the subject of digital marketing, there are a few things you can do to make the most out of your website.

For example, have you investigated what your load time is? This is often a turn off if it’s too long because people don’t like waiting! Analyze your website and see what you can do to make it quicker.

You should also consider split testing your about page and trial new packages, etc. Make small changes to your website (one at a time) and see whether this impacts the number of inquiries you get.

Also, make sure your contact information is on every page of your website and placed above the fold. The end goal is to get people to contact you, so make it as easy as possible for visitors to do that.

Start Building Relationships

We highly recommend making friends in the wedding industry. If you’re new to this, the best thing you can do is head to Twitter. People are always asking questions on there.

Try to respond with some helpful advice (even if you don’t direct them to your services). People will be appreciative of this, and as a result, they’ll be more likely to recommend your business to people they know.

This same rule applies to forums. Find popular wedding forums and contribute to the discussion. Be sure to put a link to your website in your signature.

This is a fabulous way of driving laser targetted traffic to your website without having to spend a penny! You could also try old fashioned networking events. Be sure to make an effort to introduce yourself to as many people as you can.

Take business cards with you and aim to provide value to as many people as possible. You don’t want to look salesy. On the subject of business cards, always carry some with you wherever you go- you don’t know when they may come in handy!

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