Realistic Computer Mouse

July 13, 2010

I’m actually a product designer and often it’s really useful to quickly mock up a product in Photoshop. Today I’ll be showing you some of the techniques I use to create this kind of image. I’ll take you through the creation of a mouse. Let’s get started shall we…
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Colorful Spirograph Poster

May 12, 2009

In this great tutorial we will be learning how to create a spirograph effect in Photoshop, yep that thing that you played with when your a kid that made you feel artistic. Then we’ll be using the effect to create a very stylish poster design with some smart typography and wait for it… rainbow gradients! So give it a try and I’m sure you’ll learn a bit.
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Clean Web Template Design

January 9, 2009

In this tutorial we will be learning how to use the 960 Grid System to design a website template in Photoshop. We will be learning some really useful techniques for positioning elements and mocking up elements such as borders and type. The final result will be a very clean and stylish website template that can be used as a blog or a general site
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Portfolio Design Part 2

September 26, 2008

This is the second part of the portfolio design tutorial where we are creating a stylish side-scrolling gallery where we can show of our work. This part will focus on the html/CSS side of things, even though this is a Photoshop website, it’s still important to branch out occasionally and a portfolio is useful for displaying your work anyway. This is a beginner tutorial.
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Portfolio Design Part 1

September 23, 2008

This is the first of a two part tutorial teaching you how to create a side-scrolling portfolio site. If you’re planning to get serious in the design industry then you need to get yourself an online portfolio. Here I’m going to show you how to draft up the layout in Photoshop then next time I’ll be showing you how to code it in html/CSS.
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Snowboard Design

September 9, 2008

Yesterday I wrote a tutorial on creating a Snowboarding poster design, so today I’m carrying on that theme and showing you how to design a snowboard deck. We’re going to start with a template then use tech styles and 3D renders to make a design that really stands out. If you’re into snowboarding you can even make this into a full size design and get it printed.
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Awesome Snowboard Poster

September 8, 2008

It’s fair enough learning some good Photoshop skills but putting them into practice to create good designs is what is important. Through this tutorial I’ll be teaching you how to create this cool looking poster design using some real simple techniques. We’ll be learning how to use different types of brushes effectively and also stock images.
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Vibrant Photo Manipulation

September 3, 2008

Using vibrant colors is the best way to make an image stand out, although getting the right balance is not always easy. Here we learn how to use lots of vibrant color to create a slightly abstract photo manipulation using pencils and fruit. We will learn how to use the pen tool effectively and also some freehand brushing which looks good.
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Carbon Fiber Layout

August 31, 2008

It’s about time I write a web layout tutorial so here it is, you’ll learn how to make this sleek layout with a carbon fiber background that would look great as a landing page for a website. Most of the techniques are quite simple; I’ll be covering things like creating and using patterns, using layer styles to match CSS properties and also a few layer masks.
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Animated Interface

August 6, 2008

Two of the most recent big additions to Photoshop are smart objects and video layers, both which are very powerful and worth learning. I thought I would try and write the best and longest tutorial ever on these at the same time. Through creating an animated grunge style interface, we will learn some useful techniques and ways to use both of these in any of your projects.
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