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How to Create a Stellar Promotional Design for an Interpretation Business

Fighting for market-share in the highly competitive world of translation and interpretation services?

You already know how to deliver top-notch interpretation services. Now discover how to make your promotional design stand out.

These basic guidelines can help tell the global market that you’re the best in the business.

Versatile Promotional Design

You need both print and digital marketing materials for a great and long-lasting impression. With versatile design, your promotions can be effective digitally and on paper.

The key to achieving versatility is keeping the elements simple. Intricate details don’t work well in digital format. This is especially the case for mobile use, which calls for dynamic design.

Also create a palette of colors that are appealing or neutral to your target market.

Keep It Simple

Keep your promotional design simple to save time. Tweaking elements such as color and dimensions increases the time to create digital and paper materials.

In short, simplicity reduces the cost of production. Lower production costs help keep expenses down and profitability up.

Make Contact Easy and Appealing

Good promotional design makes it easy for a potential customer to contact you. Again, this is true for digital as well as print.

In printed materials, ensure your design allows a healthy amount of white space. You also need room for your web address, email address, and phone number to stand out. Rule of thumb: use the bottom third of a brochure cover, postcard, or billboard for contact information. This formula yields the best results.

On websites, follow the example of TransGlobal Incorporated. With one click, visitors get all the information they need to make contact. One page has phone, email, online chat, snail mail details plus an online request form. This approach implies that you are open, transparent, and trustworthy.

Balance Text and Images

The business is about translating and interpreting text. But promotional design must be visual to attract and engage customers.

Find images that reflect your core customers and market. Images don’t need to be literal but they do need to be relatable.

On website home pages and category landing pages, strive for an equal share of space for images and text. This makes the page appealing as well as informative. That increases the likelihood of visitors clicking for more information or contact details.

Choose Appropriate Fonts

Choosing the right kind of font for your promotional materials is essential. It’s not only about style. It’s about readability. Sans serif fonts work best for standard digital text.

Consult design resources to pair your primary font with one for titles and headings that will align with your product, business style, and brand.

Stay Grounded in Customer Perspective

Develop your promotional materials with elements that reinforce important facts about your business. These might include diverse translation capability, consistency, and efficient, reliable processes.

Remember, when people look at promotional materials, they want to know why they should choose you. Give them a sense of what success looks like for your customers.

Color, shapes, and imagery offer subtle reinforcement of the quality and reliability of your business. What you say matters. So do the design elements. Together, they can inspire confidence that your interpretation solutions are the right choice.

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