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5 Design Tips for Physical Therapy Marketing Materials

Running out of patience waiting for patients to walk through your door?

A solid marketing campaign can give you the boost you need to reach new and returning clients to your physical therapy office. It’s the first step in making the public aware of what great services your office provides.

If you’re looking to make an improvement, read on to explore 5 tips for making the best physical therapy marketing campaign.

1. Simple Design

The next time you’re walking down the street, take a look at all the advertisements and billboards you see. Notice anything?

Graphic design has been shifting more towards a barefoot vibe these days. Information is presented in neat, clean, basic designs. It makes for quick processing for the viewer.

  • Use bold colors to grab attention and lighter tones for reading
  • Clean lines direct the eyes
  • Allow blank space so the reader doesn’t feel overwhelmed
  • Whenever possible, use a graphic or photograph to relay information

For a more in-depth look at graphic design basics, take a look at our design resources.

2. Readability

The internet has greatly influenced how the general public reads and processes information.

To hold the attention of potential clients, present your information in bite-sized chunks. Get straight to the point

Use headers and subheaders so readers can quickly jump to the specific information they’re looking for.

3. Personalized Photographs

People want to see what your venue looks like. Photographs are a simple and effective way to do that.

Now is not the time to skimp out, though. You might capture some decent photos with your phone’s camera, but for a project of this importance, you’ll want someone with expertise in photography.

Hire a professional photographer to collaborate with you. Walk them through your facilities, discuss the shots you’re looking for with them, and then let them do the rest. They know all about proper lighting, form, and figure, and aesthetics to best represent your business for your physical therapy marketing campaign.

4. Uniformity

Your physical therapy marketing campaign should look like it’s all from the same source. It’s a small detail that significantly improves the professional appearance of your business.

This includes any periodic literature you send out to past and present clients. Keep the same ‘voice’ for your material to best represent your company.

For example, check out what the Turning Point Medical Group has done to market their facility on their website. They’ve crafted a warm and inviting atmosphere while presenting all the necessary information.

5. Cross Platforms

It’s not just the yellow pages these days.

Your physical therapy marketing campaign should be accessible through a variety of platforms, such as:

  • Brochures and pamphlets to distribute around town
  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are a great way to stay on the radar
  • Email announcements to update patients on any new deals or products
  • A website that acts as a hub for any new or returning patients to book appointments

Start Your Physical Therapy Marketing Campaign Today

Using the tips above, you’re sure to increase your client list and make your presence known as the physical therapy office around town.

Start now and gather up all your ideas to present to collaborators to get your marketing campaign on its feet. Check out more of our resources to point you in the right direction.