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How to Make Mobile Game Development and Design Easier

Are you thinking of designing a mobile game? You’re not alone.

Researchers estimate that the global games business will grow to $108.9 billion this year. Mobile devices are generating most of that revenue.

More people are engaging with mobile games and smartphones than ever before. Developers have to move fast to keep up.

When it comes time to create your own mobile game, you want to be prepared. Mobile game development can be tricky, but there are plenty of tools available to make your life easier.

The following tools will help you get started on your journey to mobile game design. Who knows? You might just make the next Candy Crush.


Marmalade is one of the best tools available for mobile game development. It’s a cross-platform software development kit that gives you everything you need to test, design, and develop your mobile game.

Marmalade is written in C++ and is one of the fastest ways to build cross-platform games. Users can develop their games for virtually every platform. These include Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry and more.

It’s known for being user-friendly and allows smaller developers to hit the ground running. Recent updates like Marmalade Quick have made cross-platform development even faster. This update lets users make games through HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS in a custom-made hybrid app.

The best thing about Marmalade? It’s free to use. You can download the app via the web and start making your mobile game today.


Mobile game development can be a complex cycle. Developers often have to switch between multiple platforms to get their games off the ground.

That’s not the case with Unity. Unity is a one-stop shop for developers looking to work in one application. This stellar software is known for its cross-platform capabilities that work for a wide range of mobile devices.

You can handle everything from a simple 2D mockup to a flashy 3D design all in one location. Once developed, your mobile games can be sent out to mobile, desktop, VR/AR, Linux and other consoles. They’ve even begun to use cloud-based services with the announcement of Unity Cloud and other sharing services.

Accessibility is key to mobile game development. Unity provides you with everything you need to reach a large audience across many platforms.

Unity is available for free download. Unity Pro, a paid version of the software, includes extra features for seamless game design.

Corona SDK

Don’t have much experience coding? You don’t have to give up on your dreams of designing the next big mobile game. Just use Corona SDK instead.

Corona is a cross-platform framework that lets you create apps and games for mobile devices and desktops. Once you create your project, you can integrate it into all sorts of devices, including Macs, Windows, and connected TVs like Apple TV.

This free toolset includes over 1000 APIs that simplify mobile development. You can access their audio, music, system controls, date, animations, and more through one easy-to-use platform.

The best part about Corona is that it uses the scripting language Lua. This is a favorite among game designers because it simplifies the development process. It also makes coding so easy that even first-timers can do it.

Though it’s primarily used by mobile game developers, this dynamic tool integrates into other avenues like Facebook, SQLite, and Box 2D.

The free Corona SDK tool is available online. Android and iOS users can upgrade to Corona Enterprise. This paid subscription is worth the investment because users can access Corona’s native code.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is a suite of integrated tools for game developers that was created by Epic Games. It’s a go-to for Android mobile game developers. They can build their games, create simulations, and render visualizations in one place.

This tool is all about the graphics. It uses Vulkan and Metal rendering APIs which let developers create high-quality, complex images with ease. It includes features like physically-based rendering, custom post-processing, and even virtual reality.

Though it’s known for creating quality graphics and dynamic games, it’s also a go-to tool for new developers. The Unreal Development Kit uses a full C++ source code that allows for cross-platform publishing.

Unreal Engine 4 may have a range of complex abilities, but it’s also making mobile game development easier. Epic Games provides video tutorials, advice, and community help to developers looking for help.

Other Mobile Game Development Tools

Mobile game development isn’t just about finding the right development kit. It’s also about learning on the fly, following your interests, and testing your game.

Even with the aid of a software development kit, it’s important to learn a programming language. This will prove crucial as you move deeper into the complexities of game creation.

A good starting point is C#. This is an object-oriented programming language that is largely used by developers for its ease of use.

You also need to be focused on creating a great gamer experience. The best way to ensure a quality gamer experience is to ask yourself “would I play this game?”

Choose a mobile game that you’re familiar with and build upon it. Every minute detail will make a difference to your audience. Creating a game that you already know a lot about can make your new game much more refined.

The best way to make sure your game is successful? Keep testing it.

You need to consistently test your game for bugs to make sure it’s ready for the open market. Testing can be both time consuming and difficult. One way to make this process easier is to use a professional testing company.

Global App Testing is one company that specializes in mobile game testing. They test for bugs and help with exploratory testing for a range of mobile games.

Your Mobile Game

Mobile game development doesn’t have to be a pain.

There are many resources available that can help even the most novice developers create a quality game. Use a software development kit, learn on the fly, and continue to test your game until you know its ready.

Are you interested in learning more about game design? We can help. Check out our resources for learning on gaming design and more.