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How You Can Use Graphic Design in Law Firm Marketing

If you think digital marketing isn’t relevant in the legal industry, think again. It turns out that 74% of people seeking legal service visit a firm’s website to take action. It stands to reason that your website should look it’s best.

That said, good graphic design doesn’t stop at the look and feel of your website. There are a number of ways to incorporate compelling graphics to improve a web user’s experience and increase conversion.

Your law firm marketing campaign needs to stand out. It also should give consumers a good sense of what kind of firm you are. This is important to people facing sensitive legal issues.

Let’s look at some ways you can use graphic design to help market your firm.

Brand Your Firm with a Logo

Brand recognition starts with a unique and memorable logo. For law firms, logo design depends heavily on the type of law you practice.

The colors you use have a lot to do with a person’s perception of you. Colors create emotional responses in our brains, so you’ll need to think about the type of law you practice and the situations your clients are typically in.

For example, if you practice family law, you may want to consider green, which represents health and renewal. If you practice business law, blues may work better, as it represents trust and confidence.

Aside from color, your logo should tell a potential client who you are with unique yet clear typography. Think of some words that represent your firm’s principles and come up with a short tagline. A great example is T. T. Williams, Jr., Investigations, Inc. Use of Force Expert.

Good Imagery Goes a Long Way

Unique imagery is a great way to establish familiarity and trust through your law firm marketing. When it comes to the images on your website, stock photos may not be helping you. Instead, consider adding high-quality photos of your office and staff.

People looking to hire an attorney like to know who they’ll be dealing with. If they can put a face to the name, they instantly feel more comfortable contacting you.

Furthermore, photos of your office remove the mystery from a potential client’s perception of the firm. Most people looking for an attorney are in an emotionally sensitive state. Having a good sense of the firm they’ll be working with creates immediate trust.

If you use stock images for different practice area pages on your site, make sure they’re relevant, sympathetic, and high-quality.

Don’t Forget About Your Blog

When thinking about graphic design in your law firm marketing campaign, don’t neglect your blog. Your blog’s design should align with your website design.

If you want to add a little design twist to set it apart, that’s fine. Just make sure the contrast isn’t too harsh. You need to be consistent across all platforms with regard to graphic design.

You should also consider using infographics from time to time as a way to deliver content on your blog. People love visuals, especially when they also provide data.

Successful Law Firm Marketing

In today’s highly competitive legal industry, you have to both stand out and provide a clear vision of who you are. Graphic design is a great way to do this.

It’s important to stay educated on current trends and useful design tools. We provide a wealth of resources and information on all aspects of design. Check us out today.