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The Role of Business Card Psychology in Law Firm Marketing

There are over one million licensed lawyers in the United States alone. This means that as a lawyer, you have a lot of competition.

Proper law firm marketing can help you stand out. Most marketing strategies include business cards.

After all, these cards are essential when networking and meeting potential clients for the first time.

But are your business cards are up to par? Unsure where to start when it comes to the design process?

Keep reading to learn about how utilizing business card psychology in your design can bring you success — and lots of new clients.

Think About Shapes

When designing business cards, the shape should fit in with your law firm’s values A traditional rectangle is a standard, professional option.

It’s also the shape that easily fits into wallets.

However, some firms can make a bigger impression with more unique shapes.

For example, a few divorce attorneys have their business cards perforated down the middle, a symbol for the splits occurring in their cases.

In general, circles tend to convey positive emotions and friendship. Squares and rectangles present as strong and stable. Think about the specific vibe you’d like to give off, and pick a shape based on that.

personal injury attorney Nashville would be best suited choosing a square or rectangle. This helps to to showcase a strength and drive to serve their clients who have been wronged.

White Space

White space, sometimes called “negative space,” is a simple concept that many law firms overlook. Having ample white space is often associated with a higher level of sophistication.

If your business card is cramped with too much information, people will perceive it as cheap and desperate. This is why many businesses have a simplistic style with minimal information.

Having plenty of white space also aids in readability, and presents a high level of professionalism.

Color Choices for Business Card Psychology

Color conveys emotions.

Make sure you choose a color or colors that represent your law firm well. For example, blue tends to give off a sense of safety and confidence, while orange suggests command and control.

Both blue and orange would be good considerations for a law firm.

Also be sure the colors you choose work well with your law firm logo.

Font Selection

When choosing a typeface, pay attention to spacing. It is imperative that the information on the business card is legible.

Different font styles suit different businesses. For example, serif fonts are usually used for formal or corporate designs. Casual fonts might be great for an artist, but not for an attorney.

One tip for deciding if a font is appropriate?

Type out a few descriptor words in the font you’re considering. If the words and image of the font match what you want for your law firm, the font is likely a good choice.

Wrapping It All Up

These are just a few things to know about business card psychology.

Keep in mind that taking psychology into consideration when creating business cards is only the beginning. There are many more tips you’ll need to consider creating awesome business cards.

To ensure you don’t leave anything out and create a business card that will impress your future clients, check out our website.