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How to Create a Strong Promotional Design for a Marijuana Blog

Marijuana digital marketing can be difficult. Competition is tough and you’re marketing to a niche audience. To gain a digital presence, you created a blog while utilizing SEO and produce quality content. What else is missing?

You have to use design with your promotional strategies. You can easily implement a design on your blog. When you utilize design and content writing, your brand awareness will increase.

Gaining an internet presence doesn’t have to be hard –plenty of consumers are interested in marijuana products. But you need to use the right strategies to widen your audience.

Read this guide and learn how to use marijuana promotional design for your blog.

Use High-Quality Featured Images

Blogs don’t require an intricate promotional design. But one design aspect that stands out is the featured images. The thumbnails create a beautiful design, especially when they’re displayed in a unique manner.

When your visitors read a piece of your content, they immediately see two aspects: the featured image and the title. The title draws them into the content, but the image is the visual representation of the blog topic.

But be careful when finding featured images — if the images are copyrighted, you could get in trouble. Stock and free use images are useful. But they’re often overused and aren’t unique.

If you can, take your own images. For a marijuana blog, take pictures of different strains or different marijuana products. Your images are unique and they’re your own pictures, so you can use them freely.

Use an Effective Color Palette

Color attracts people to your website design. The same goes for your blog. Your font color should be a classic color like black or white. But you can use a unique color palette for your sidebars, menu bar, and header and footer.

These little splashes of color add more to your promotional design, but can also benefit your branding.

If your logo and store follow a specific color palette, your audience will identify you with these colors. Use this color palette on your homepage and all individual pages.

Just make sure your color palette is professional. Stick to three main colors. If you throw in other sporadic colors, your blog will look too loud. You want an attractive blog design but minimalism is key.

Your Blog Should be Mobile-Friendly

More website visitors will access your blog on their mobile or tablet device than their desktop. Therefore, your marijuana promotional design should be mobile-friendly.

Fortunately, most blog themes are optimized for mobile and tablet view. But always make sure you test the design on your mobile device. Make sure your website loads quickly and correctly on desktop and mobile.

Make Your Blog Easily Accessible

One of the most important aspects of promotional design is ensuring visitors can effectively browse your website.

This means establishing a prominent menu bar, accurately sorting content into separate groups, and choosing the best layout to effectively view each piece of content.

If your visitors don’t have a good user experience (UX) they will immediately leave your website.

UX doesn’t only count toward the organization. While you target marijuana users, each has their own interest.

Some may be interested in high THC strains to get high and others are interested in the medicinal benefits of CBD. Make your content easily accessible and separate each topic in your menu.

A perfect example is the Buds Grow Guide website. They use effective categorizing, have a distinct menu bar, and their content is optimized for their visitor.

Try to Stand Out

It’s difficult to host a unique promotional design. Unless you have a talented web designer on your team, amateurs are stuck with choosing themes. These are used by multiple other websites and these overused designs become bland.

Unless you hire a professional web designer, you’re stuck with these generic themes. Try to think outside the box. Invest in a theme that’s a little more expensive. Customize the theme as much as you can.

Branding is also key. Use your logo or artwork as often as the theme allows. Rather than searching for ‘marijuana themes,’ search a theme in a different industry or category.

Even if your theme layout is generic, use creativity and customize that layout. Keep in mind, free themes often restrict extensive customization.

Use Custom Artwork

Want to host artistic promotional design? Your visions don’t involve a typical web designer.

You need an artist who specializes in web-based formats. Find a great artist, collaborate on artwork, have them sketch out a design and implement the design on your website.

The opportunities are limitless for a marijuana blog; you can use the classic marijuana leaf, or you can go all out with trippy designs and unique images of marijuana strains.

This process might sound expensive. But it usually won’t cost a lot more than hiring a traditional web designer.

Horizontal or Vertical Website

Do you prefer hosting a website that’s horizontal or vertical? This is the homepage look and how your content is displayed.

This orientation has multiple factors. A horizontal or vertical layout differs when the visitor scrolls, chooses menu options, and they each serve different functions.

This also depends on how visitors read your content. This web design will serve different purposes on mobile view. Is it more convenient to scroll down on their phone or turn their phone and read more content without scrolling as much?

Both orientation options are functional — it just depends on your preference and what works best for your website.

Text Display

Why do you host a marijuana blog? So visitors can read your content. Since the text is a vital aspect of your blog, make sure you optimize the way text is displayed.

A perfect example is how content is previewed on your homepage.

You want your title displayed in a larger font. But you also want a brief article description displayed right under the title. If the title can effectively pull in a reader, think about what the description can do.

How Will You Use Promotional Design for Your Marijuana Blog?

You host a blog to deliver effective content.

But design is as important to your blog as quality writing. Use design that help conveys your brand’s message and emphasizes your content. When your visitors have great user experience, they will always come back to your website.

Do you need help designing your marijuana blog? Take a look at our resources.